Education Molefe ‘shocked’ about fake degree David Macfarlane 05 Aug How on earth can an organisation whose name suggests it is involved in a class struggle say that a movement of the working class should be killed? Bonang pulls a Kim Kardashian in tight red dress. Share this article with a friend Your Name: SA News on Facebook.

Where was Nzimande in the Struggle? Dr Nzimande returned to university in and completed his degree in SA just endorsed a draft resolution that could bring Big Pharma to its knees. Unfortunately, history produces electoral disasters. Republic of South Africa. According to a statement from the ANC, its deputy president made the request himself.

He matriculated in at Georgetown High, Edendale.

blade nzimande phd thesis

Education Molefe ‘shocked’ about fake degree David Macfarlane 05 Aug In other projects Wikimedia Commons. He became involved in student activity, including a food boycott and demonstrations against the award of an honorary doctorate to Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi in May The disastrous assimilation of Communist Party cadres into the neo-liberal project and agenda in the mids opened space for his election as general secretary of the SACP, a calamity that has reduced the party to a faction in the ANC fighting only to join the gravy train of the degenerating ANC.

He obtained an honours degree in English literature, a fairly unpopular choice among those who’d advised him to study something that would give him a real career and a pension plan. It was policy to pay staff a small amount by way of saying thank you.


blade nzimande phd thesis

He has a doctorate degree in philosophy specialising in sociology. The Environmental Affairs Minister will not be serve as member of Parliament. Archived from the original on 11 May In Umlazi he began to work on educational issues in mid and also held clandestine Marxist study classes with the youth.

Where was Nzimande in the Struggle?

South African Government News 10 hours ago. Was Blade Nzimande part of the June 16 detachment? Where was Nzimande in the Struggle?

blade nzimande phd thesis

There he met Jay Naidoo and began working informally with unions, addressing union seminars on job grading and other issues. Toggle navigation Toggle profile.

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The absence of Nzimande from the Struggle does not define him alone, but almost the entire leadership of the SACP, such as national chairman Senzeni Zokwana, deputy national chairman Thulas Nxesi, deputy general secretary Jeremy Cronin and treasurer Joyce Moloi. Coming back to the mysterious political life of Nzimande, we should state the obvious, that repression ignited the moral obligation of all progressive youth to confront the apartheid regime as they had nothing to lose but their chains.

Nzimande returned to university in and completed his degree in Fromparticularly after the Soweto massacre of defenceless youth on June 16, thousands of youth left the country to join MK and Apla.

South African Government News 8 hours ago. Most Read on IOL. Stay of prosecution or of justice?

Nzimande was then offered a post as a lecturer at the Umlazi branch of the University of Zululand where he founded the Department of Industrial Psychology on that campus. Johannesburg – When Blade Nzimande was reported as having said the EFF should be killed, we dismissed him as an opportunistic intellectual dwarf with no sensible ideological and political programme to confront our party.

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My life is in danger – Blade. Perhaps we should state that the only political activism recorded of Nzimande was that he took part in a hunger strike at the University of Zululand — for tastier food. Here’s why we need it.

PhD most rewarding, challenging level

He was the Minister for Higher Education and Training from bladd There, the publication’s youth — which was nearly everyone except him — also tried to further his education. Second Cabinet of Jacob Zuma — Thesie Carole Landry As will be seen from his political life, Nzimande is an opportunist who was a staff rider of the liberation movement, using empty and often-confusing rhetoric. Saqa admitted it erred when, init certified that the degree was the equivalent of a local doctorate.

In a statement issued on Monday evening, Mkhwebane said she was concerned about the ruling.

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