The nurse’s response should be based upon an understanding that Plavix: Which of the following nursing interventions is MOST important for a client diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis? Develop large-print handouts that reflect the verbal information presented. The nurse evaluates that nursing interventions to promote airway clearance in a patient admitted with COPD are successful based on which of the following findings? Thrombolytics are prescribed for each of the following clients.

Empty the patient’s in-dwelling catheter collection bag. The nurse instructs the client to notify the health care provider HCP if which of the following occurs? This will decrease the incidence of birth defects associated with the drugs. Aluminum hydroxide Amphogel is used for the treatment of ulcers by neutralizing gastric acid. The nurse is teaching a male client to perform monthly testicular self-examinations. Your best response is: Click on “Check Answers” and it will score your test and correct your answers.

What is the nurse’s best response?

Cervical cancer Quizlet Hesi

The nurse should take which of the following actions next? The client with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is receiving daunorubicin DaunoXome. To promote airway clearance in a patient with pneumonia, the nurse instructs the patient to do which studt the following?

cervical cancer evolve case study quizlet

IV sodium bicarbonate 50 mEq c. Sebaceous cyst, cystic acne. A patient with ovarian cancer is being treated with cisplatin and taxotere and is receiving the second in a series of treatments. The NA makes an oral rinse using 1 evole of salt in a liter of water. Cancer in situ indicates that the cancer is localized to the cervix and is not invasive at this time.


Breast Cancer Hesi Case study Quizlet

To collect a hour urine specimen, the nurse should ask the client to void at the beginning of the collection period and discard the urine sample. The other symptoms are common with IL-2 therapy, and the nurse should teach the patient that these are common adverse effects that stjdy resolve at the end of the therapy. Which condition is a contraindication for thoracentesis? Changes in diet or exercise have not proven helpful for this problem.

Pressure ulcers are lesions caused by tissue compression and inadequate perfusion that are a result of immobility. The most appropriate response by the nurse is a. What are airborne precautions? A nurse is reviewing medications with the client receiving colchicine for the treatment of gout. A nurse who begins to administer medications to a client via a nasogastric feeding tube suspects that the tube has become clogged.

cervical cancer evolve case study quizlet

Darkening the room can increase the sense of isolation. Which observation by the RN caring for the patient indicates that the nurse should take action?

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Which of the following nursing interventions is MOST important for a client diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis? There is inadequate information to determine the patient’s risk for fluid volume deficit or ineffective airway clearance. At what ages should the MMR measles, mumps, rubella vaccination be given to children?

The presence of jaundice suggests a hemolytic anemia, rather than gastrointestinal bleeding or cobalamin deficiency, as the cause of the anemia. The parents of a 1-month-old boy bring their son to the clinic for evaluation of a possible developmental dysplasia of the right hip. The client who has received chemotherapy will have antineoplastic agents or their metabolites in body fluids and excreta for 48 hours. What assessment questions should the nurse ask in determining the possible severity of the burn injury?


A nurse has given medication instructions to a client beginning anticonvulsant therapy with carbamazepine Uqizlet. A – Good hand hygiene is the most effective way to break the chain cwse infection.

Thrombolytic therapy also is contraindicated in severe uncontrolled hypertension because of the risk of cerebral hemorrhage. A year-old woman who is 5 feet, 3 inches tall and weighs pounds 57 kg tells the nurse that she has a glass of wine two or three times a week.

Interventions such as promotion of nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction should be promoted by the nurse for patients evolvf have HIV infection, primarily because these interventions will a. The nurse would expect a complete blood cell count CBC to reveal a. Although she’s worried about her future, she seems to be adjusting well to her diagnosis.

What are the symptoms of integumentary anthrax? A biopsy is used to determine whether the prostate enlargement is benign or malignant and determines the type of treatment that will be needed.

A nurse is assessing an older adult client who has heart failure and takes digoxin.

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