The teacher marks the projects using the marking criteria in the Guidance on Marking Practical Programming Projects section of this syllabus, after which moderation takes place according to CIE procedures. Administrator September 14, at 7: Computing Project requires candidates to identify a well-defined user-driven problem, involving a third-party user, and to generate a solution. Appropriate evidence of development, testing and implementation, such as screen dumps of photographs of screen layouts and printouts, paper based user documentation and a letter from the third-party user to say that the system has been developed satisfactorily, must support the report. Add to collection s Add to saved. Knowledge of timeliness, relevance etc. However, to score any marks in this section there must be some evidence that the person for whom the system was written has seen the system in operation.

The programming project is intended to allow candidates to demonstrate their competence in the skills of program design, development, testing and documentation. The hardware requirements must be stated. Paper 4 Further details of the project are to be found in Section 4 of the syllabus. This paper will be set according to the content of Section 3 of the syllabus, but will also assume knowledge learned in Section 1. The system is, in the main, user-friendly, but there is room for improvement e. Proposed record, file and data structures should be described.

COMPUTING 9691 Advanced Subsidiary Level

However there is a lack of completeness with omissions from the process model, inputs and outputs. There should be a clear statement of requirements, agreed with the prospective user.

Administrator September 14, at 7: Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. The specifications of the hardware and software on which the system cpursework be implemented should be included. If any library routines or automatically generated code is included this must be computiing identified and not taken into account for assessment purposes. No omission of any of the options available including backup routines, guide to common errors. The developed solution partially fulfils the design specification.


As the syllabus is changed, will they publish a new book for computer science ?? Candidates and Centres should be aware that demonstration of the skills will be necessary, within the context of the problem solution, in order to earn marks in the assessment. This may include any degree of generality beyond the original scope of coursewor system. A collection of hardcopy test run outputs with no test plan, or a test plan doursework no hardcopy evidence may also be present.

Provides candidates with further opportunity to extend skills, knowledge and understanding of computing concepts and deep understanding of Database, Networking, Hardware and Troubleshooting.

Teachers are expected to give educational guidance during the design process but the work submitted must be the candidate’s own. In this way, Centres wishing to enter candidates for Papers 1 and 3 can complete this coursework during the first year of the course.

Useful resource February 23, Coursewor testing should be in evidence. The hardware requirements must be stated. There is clear evidence that a response to the design has been obtained from the end-user, and any comments have been acted upon. The criteria which should be followed when producing their solution are clearly set out in Section 2 of the syllabus. A detailed description of the system limitations has been given, including the estimate of the size of the files required for the implemented system.



Administrator May 4, at 1: Entry by private candidates through Centres in other countries is not affected. Additionally you can use internet to get knowledge about new topics.

Design of data capture forms, input formats with examples coursewlrk screen layouts and output formats should be included here where relevant. The candidate identifies clearly good and bad points and any limitations.

computing 9691 coursework

Candidates may receive guidance in choosing their problem, but Centres should ensure that work from their candidates is sufficiently different to make them individual pieces of coursesork. Note Related Articles Useful resource February 23, Advanced GCE Candidates take papers 1, 2, 3 and 4.

computing 9691 coursework

It is expected that candidates will have studied the requisite theory in order to carry out the project coursewok. Its Representation, Structure and Management c d e f g h Content 1.


In that case a letter of support from the Principal of the school which they had attended is required. Now the confusion is choosing the subject between Computing or Computer Science Candidates will answer on lined paper. The system is, in the main, user-friendly, but there is room for improvement e.

I have attached details of any assistance given beyond that which is acceptable under the scheme of assessment.

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