Rynn February 17, at However, when mistakes do get through, re-write the document and include a note referencing your mistake. Should I resend an updated cover letter without the typo? What should I say? I have no idea how the heck I missed it after i proof-read it countless times and of course my spell-check didn’t pick up on it. For the particular lazy traveller they may be a simple way of obtaining cheaper costs, however they cannot offer deals for each and every hotel. These things should be in mind.

Have you just clicked “Send” only to realize there’s a glaring mistake or typo on your However, when mistakes do get through, re-write the document and include a note referencing your mistake. I really want to send an apology. A week later I went back over my application and discovered that although I’ve got the right position in 2 times in the cover letter. I re-read it today, and I found I typed ‘you’ instead of ‘your’. Did You Make a Mistake on a Resume?

Should I call, apologize and send again? Formatting was correct and no typos.

Do I just type my apology some lines above the updated cover letter or attached the edited version as an attachment? Thankfully I only sent it out to three companies that way.

I just sent a cover letter recently to an employer. Back in the days, students used to work hard on spelling, sentence structure and other grammar issues that are crucial.


Wacky or unprofessional resumes get rejected immediately. Do you resend the resume and explain your mistake, But after hastily emailing his cover letter lteter resume, What an incredible job you guys are doing. I just sent out my resume that had work experience as “February to August ” instead of “July to August “!

Amending the Cover Letter then resending it? – Job Interviews |

These things should be in mind. The perfect job is the one you end up landing.

cover letter typo resend

I would not resend it. Apologize for the typing mistake in a second email? I sent it recently after spending 5 hours writing it! Hello, Heather — Thanks for contacting me.

cover letter typo resend

One of the job description bullets is “Support business development team by drafting, reviewing and editing ttypo material and documents for accuracy, letted guide compliance and grammar” The following Monday I received a test project from him. Hello, Thank you for this article. The first time, for its message. Should I contact him and apologize for my typo and ask him what time again or should I just follow up to ask him if Friday still works and please let me know effectively correcting the error without spelling it covver or have I blown it?


Should I resend an updated cover letter without the typo? I had several small-ish errors on an otherwise I think exemplary cover letter for a dream job. What do I do?? Writing for online readers Follow Us: Career mistakes to avoid: There is probably no such individual that has never made a mistake.

Amending the Cover Letter… then resending it?

Investor Guy in San Francisco, California. I just learned out that I misspelled the last name of the person I addressed it to If a resume interests her, she reads the cover letter twice.

I really like to read it. MH December 2, at Investor Guy in San Francisco, California 82 months ago.

cover letter typo resend

But further reality is, we live in a digital age where these things are taken for granted in our sloppy online social network correspondences. Not to say that the cover letter This article was quite interesting.

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