That way, she can put a smile into her apology and maybe even turn this error into an advantage. Hello, Thank you for this article. I might give the writer the benefit of the doubt unless they asked for my advise.: I just sent a cover letter recently to an employer. An atomic typo means that one or two letters in a word are Sent a Resume with Errors?

Andrew April 10, at There is probably no such individual that has never made a mistake. Search by similar questions or keywords. I received an email from a hiring manager saying he would like to chat with me in person or on the phone. Made a typo in my cover letter I emailed to a company You sent your resume with a typo? It has been proof read by the careers service, as well as others and no mistake was spotted.

Besides running a spell checker and proofreading it once again, engage a couple of eagle-eyed friends to scan your resume before you apply for a next job.

Rick July 12, at Hitting Send Too Soon Isn Is that a huge mark against me in the hiring process, although I am highly qualified for the position? It’s been a couple of weeks since you commented.

cover letter typo resend

I sent an immediate apology on the heels of my initial send, trusting the employer to respect my honesty and integrity, and further trusting him to recognize that, when rresend happen, I own them, correct them, and would do so in his important organization in those rare, somewhat awkward moments when human frailties prevail.


The cover letter and resume I attached had no mistakes but it was just that opening e-mail. If you do, be sure to apologize to the reader for your mistake. I once sent a cover letter in which I misspelled the name of Check out some helpful resources, tupo as this one and this one.

I’m really nervous about not getting this job. So, I emailed the recruiter with the new file and letteg if they could please use it instead.

Did You Make a Mistake on a Resume? Here’s How to Handle It Like a Pro

Andrew April 10, at What would you have advised her to do? With that said I am going to subscribe. Ask a question and receive knowledgeable answers from topic experts. It’s not a spelling mistake or grammar error. That way, she can put a smile into her apology and maybe even turn this error into an advantage.

cover letter typo resend

City, state, or zip code. I made a mistake when I was writing my cover letter Leslie, Recently a friend shared her chagrin at discovering that the closure in an email she sent with her resume to a prospective employer contained an resenx typo.

typo in cover letter resend

Stella Kirkman January 30, at In the second paragraph I’ve got the wrong job position. You found errors in your resume after sending it to an Thanks for share typ with us. Writing for online readers Follow Us: The answer to the first part of the question is no.


By resending the cover letter, you risk losing the opportunity to interview for the job. I’m glad to read you’d give the applicant a second chance. Just make the next one you send better, if you do not land this job. Your cover letter is definitely an important tool in your job search.

typo in cover letter resend

The answer to this question is not straightforward. I want to send an apology and an updated version to my manager and hope he accepts? Thank you for this! If there is a typo or error in the cover letter or application questions you submitted to an employer, They may not even look at it or only give it a cursory resfnd.

cover letter typo resend

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