Further findings concern the relevance of establishing a source for sounds and attributing them to agency of human or machine. He was part of the “recipeTable” team. This thesis explores the use of Embodied Interaction and playfulness as effective creative strategies in the design of human-machine interactions, employed towards aspects of usability and expressiveness of participatory experiences and interactive artworks. She’s now finishing her master studies about the process of conception and development of interactive architectures and objects focusing on the role played by designers and architects on this field. Internationalisation of organisations is not possible without internationalisation of people, therefore people are at the centre of our attention. These were the basis for a dialogical exploration of aesthetic experience and interpretational discourse. Professionally, Julian has worked in gallery installation, community development projects in regional Australia, graphic design, film, events management and interior design in the hospitality industry.

She’s now finishing her master studies about the process of conception and development of interactive architectures and objects focusing on the role played by designers and architects on this field. These are held on a regular basis multiple times per year and provide information concerning the following topics:. A particular insight was that abstract and affective qualities play an important role in interpretation and are often combined with concrete, indexical sounds. In recent years incoming as well as outgoing rates have increased significantly. Curriculum design as well as our strategies for research must reflect this fact.

These devices also pose a new and exciting challenge for Auditory Display and Sonic Interaction Design, because these objects facilitate new configurations diesertation sound, dissertationn and interaction, and also will lead to new forms of how interactive, even autonomous, objects become meaningful in a socio-cultural context. Besides she was a student assistant for Ursula Damm in Weimar Design of Medial Environmments Her personal interest focused in the research about connections between real life and virtual reality.


Junichi Kanebako was born in Asashina village now Saku City Facultad de Bellas Artes. Meanwhile, she is planning curatorial linzz about media art in South-East Europe.

University of Arts and Design Linz

Graduating with an M. Students may enrol as soon as confirmation of supervision has been formally obtained. His research is about augmented reality, graphic user interface GUI and information linx.

dissertation kunstuni linz

He also published a virtual tour through San Pietro. In she did an internship in San Francisco and worked there for Lynn Hershman. Altogether, nine workshops were executed, resulting in 29 cases. On the basis of their authorisation to teach venia docendiuniversity professors according to Art. These include both non-mediated and mediated references and a range of analogies, including formal, procedural and crossmodal analogies.

In all cases this work should be documented in an argued and dissertatlon manner. Also structure and composition were found to have a significant relevance in design and impact on meaning making.

Admission / Procedure

Dissergation university is defined as interface and integrated part of an international network of professional and academic communities. All areas – degree programmes: Summary Education Research Exchange mission statement intermediality. This dissertation thesis focuses on the visual motifs. She’s now finishing her master studies about the process of conception and development of interactive architectures and objects focusing on the role played by designers and architects on this field.

These components can be fulfilled through teaching and seminars as well as through conference presentations and exhibitions, publications, workshops, essays and artistic work.

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He has also exhibited throughout Perth, Melbourne and online. I hope I can by way of weight to feel them when them is gone.

His skills and sensibilities bring together different fields to produce unique outcomes, resulting in a body of work which includes original concepts, artistic collaborations, academic research and creative approaches to technology in professional contexts.


The university has full right of promotion. Instead of a curriculum to follow over the next five semesters, comprehensive, individual supervision and assistance are agreed between student and supervisor.

Kunstuniversität Linz: Graduates / Doctoral Thesis

In this regard, it has established strong cooperation partnerships with regional and international institutions, including the Linz Ars Electronica Center. PhD projects thus must contribute to the body of knowledge within the given area of research by yielding new limz independent findings and moreover have to correspond to ethical and paradigmatic framework criteria of research: Nowadays she is an Assistant Scholar of the “Laboratorio de luz” in Valencia and also an exchange student at Master in Interface Cultures.

Supervision Candidates and supervisors sign a supervision agreement prior to starting the doctoral project. We see ourselves as a European art and design university, therefor the main field of our international activities is – needless to say – Europe, but we also cooperate with institutions elsewhere, including Latin America and Asia. The visual motifs used by artists both in the past and the present to represent different artistic themes generally are in kunstunni developing process.

As a whole, the works constitute a critical reflection upon the normative design of information and communication technologies, as they address phenomenological limitations, highlight ideologies and provide expressive alternatives — in a playful and embodied way. At the moment the amount of the fellowship is Euro ,- per month.

dissertation kunstuni linz

Students may apply for stipendia of the Austrian State when eligible and the University introduced 8 fellowships in very specific research areas.

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