These papers are not always presented to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, though the approval forms for these projects are presented to the school as part of the last requirement for the degree. The early admission program offers financial aid to a certain extent, since by double-counting three graduate courses, the M. Renowned for its strengths in the historical areas of medieval philosophy and contemporary continental philosophy and the systematic areas of contemporary metaphysics and epistemology, philosophy of religion, and ethics, the department features a pluralistic program that recognizes the history of philosophy as the context informing contemporary philosophical debates. The Proposal The body of the written, double-spaced dissertation proposal should be at least 3, but no more than 6, words and should include:. As well as publishing scholarly books and articles, the faculty serve as officers of philosophical organizations and as editors of philosophical journals and book series. The recommended textbook for preparation is:

Full-Time Status To be considered full-time, students must be registered for 9 credits three philosophy department courses. In addition, numerous book series are edited by our faculty: Students in these departments should consult their departments about requirements for these projects. Admission to the Program The program is available to philosophy majors who have a cumulative 3. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of reforming this process?

Students should note that the presentation of the thesis to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences is the last requirement that is necessary for the degree. Students should schedule a reading list exam in consultation with the mentor and committee members, who should make an effort to be flexible in their scheduling. The department is home to three significant philosophical societies: What do you guys think about these suggestions?

Dissertation Prepared Under the Direction of Form

The survey and the paperwork will be reviewed in absentia. During the writing of the dissertation guidelinse student should be in regular conversation with his or her mentor, submitting written drafts of chapters or sections from time to time for feedback and refinement.


The Dissertation In all technical respects, the dissertation must meet the requirements of the Graduate School.

fordham gsas dissertation guidelines

GSAS currently offers the following fellowships, usually applied for in the following order: Theses must be submitted no later than December 10 for the fall semester and April 10 for the spring semester. Students expecting spring defense date and graduation should aim to submit a draft of the dissertation by the end of the fall semester, to allow time for revisions.

Students in these departments should consult their departments about requirements for these projects.

fordham gsas dissertation guidelines

The defense is scheduled for two hours, during which dissertatipn five members guidelunes the committee will question the author in turn. All students are, therefore, given serious exposure to ancient, medieval, and modern philosophy, as well as contemporary thought. The student is also responsible for negotiating a two-hour time slot agreeable to all five parties involved and for reserving a room. In both cases, students must sit for their oral exam within a year of their reading list being approved i.

Travel expenses may be included.

Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines

If a faculty member must withdraw from the committee due to unforeseeable circumstances, he or she will give notice to the graduate student as early as fsas and consult with the Director of Graduate Studies or Department Chair. Fordhm register and receive credit at their home institution, and the home institution covers tuition costs. Comprises primary and secondary sources in the dissertation area Is broad enough to cover three approaches. If i did this before surely i could have done my dissertation very well.

Its aim is not only to facilitate progress through the academic programs leading to the conferment of M. This can be taken directly from the Introduction and Conclusion gass the dissertation or can be a separate essay.

Logic Requirement All Ph.

fordham gsas dissertation guidelines

Are there any other comments about the paper relevant to the issue of its readiness for submission to a professional journal? Dissertating students, for their part, should remain in contact with their mentors and readers, respond to communications and feedback for revisions in a timely manner, and keep mentors and readers informed of any needed alterations to the working timeline or target completion date.


Writing a dissertation is one of the most difficult process.

It is expected that geas members who agree to participate on a reading list committee will be involved for the duration of the project. The mentor and readers should provide timely feedback when requested. McGraw-Hill,chapters The survey must be completed before the dissertation and defense paperwork is submitted to GSAS.

Proposals should be presented during the fall and spring terms and not requested during vacation periods. Committee members are specified, along with the thesis topic, on the Thesis Title Approval form, which is submitted gkidelines us by the department chairperson or program director.

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It is important to note that different qualifying papers might have different philosophical ends and styles, and this means that for different papers different kinds of questions will come to the fore while others recede into the background. Students serve as graduate assistants for the first two years, assisting a faculty member in his or her teaching and research, instructing gukdelines in the University Writing Center, or working in an academic administrative office.

Such a work would not be included in the area bibliography. All three members must approve the reading list, as well as the department chair or Guidelunes of Graduate Studies. With the permission of their advisers at the home institution and faculty at the host institution, Ph.

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