I never even thought about it being a fish until now. Wallace Collection, London For the meaning of other celebrated masterpieces, please see: September 23, at 1: She is being pushed by an elderly man in the background who has no idea of the young man’s presence. Here’s a good pla… https: Saint-Julien specified the details of the painting and wanted his mistress to be depicted as the woman in the scene.

Famous Paintings Analyzed The baron also wanted to include a clever pun with his chosen theme, since he served as the government representative who collected taxes paid by the Church. Honestly the first reason that I liked this painting is because his name is fun to say in a fake french accent: The joyful exuberance of the painting is accentuated by the way that the frills of the girl’s dress match the pattern of the surrounding foliage, as well as by its glowing pastel colours and soft lighting. The one on the left seems to be putting his finger in front of his mouth as to “shh” the situation. While during his lifetime The Swing was quite popular and Fragonard was at the top of his game, he fell out of favor after the Revolution. I simply want to have a deeper understanding of all the factors contributing to an artists approach.

Currently, Fragonard’s The Swing holds a dear place in the heart of pop culture and particularly high fashion, as it serves testament to the frivolity of the Rococo era, a period that the postmodern world attempts, at times, to emulate. So it seems most agree that this is a fish, not a beehive, and I do too, but I thought it was interesting that the fish really looks nothing like a dolphin to me.

fragonard the swing essay

The infamous French palace, swinh in the late s by a group of painters headed by Rosso Fiorentinospecialized in eroticizing the mythological or classical subjects that were requested for the aristocrats of the time, serving as a precursor for the fanciful tastes that the later nobles would request. Does anyone have any thoughts?


The Palace of Versailles was the ideal in decadent Rococo art and architecture, informed by ideas of the French Enlightenment. Other instances of symbolism are also worth noting.

Interpretation of Other 18th Century Fagonard. The inanimate objects add to the story as well. For the dolphin not fish see this: Here’s a good pla… https: One of Fragonard ‘s first teachers, the art of Francois Boucher seems to have made an impression on the young painter, and can be seen in such erotic confections as The Swing.

Yinka Shonibare, The Swing (After Fragonard)

From portraits to scenes of pastoral, erotic, or domestic appeal he covered a wide range of themes. There are four important subjects in this picture. September 23, at 6: Famous Paintings Thhe Do you see a fish or a beehive in this painting?

fragonard the swing essay

The Swing is composed in a triangular shape, with the Baron and the husband forming the base of the pyramid, and the maiden in the air at the top of the triangle, in the center of the space. September 25, at 8: You can see the pictures here: In Graves, The Greek Myths I think that Fragonard knew what he was doing in terms of imagery and content- but he might have been lighthearted or sometimes leaned toward superficiality in his use of the imagery. It seems hard to prove what that little detail might actually depict.

Indeed all these references would have been pictorial commonplaces to his patrons. Fiona Byrne November 9, at 7: But, considering that the dog seems agitated and upset, perhaps the symbol still is appropriate. I simply want to have a deeper understanding of all the factors contributing to an artists approach.


What is Art (for)?: Art Essay #2: The Swing by Fragonard

Fragonard’s work came with a wssay pedigree and prestige and as one of the last artists of the Rococo; his name is almost synonymous with this frivolous, erotic, and decadent movement. It all revolves around young love and the scandals that can be involved with that. The final important subject in the painting is much more difficult to attempt to analyze. A highly swig figure in 18th century French paintingwho now ranks among the greatest of all Rococo artiststhe exceptionally talented Fragonard trained under Francois Boucher – whose main patron was Louis XV’s mistress, Madame de Pompadour – and Jean Chardinfamous for his still life painting and genre works.

Post-revolution, there was no room for the frivolity and shallow subject matter of what was depicted in The Swing. I would not be surprised to see esay motif is quoted from an earlier Italian piece, as playful putti so often were in French 18thC art.

This is not to say that Fragonard knew of this particular work commissioned by Philip IV and executed by Rubens, who was working with many Northern European fragonare to create a larger series of works, during which many sketches were produced but visually it is an interesting similarity.

fragonard the swing essay

September 23, at 9: Boy, was I wrong about that!

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