As in previous problems, no loops or recursion. Write a function that takes an rlist and produces an rlist of rlists containing all subsequences of the input rlist. Recursion Video 1pp 1pps 8pp Devise a function that counts the number of palindromic words those that read the same backwards as forwards in a list of words using only these functions, lambda , basic operations on strings, and conditional expressions. Week 2 Staff Resources. Week 16 Class Material.

You can grab a template for this homework either by downloading the file from the calendar or by running the following command in terminal on one of the school computers the dot is significant: All of them represent sequences, however, and so there are natural correspondences between them. Interpreters Video full 1pp 8pp. Environments Video 1pp 1pps 8pp Functions Video 1pp 1pps 8pp Tail Calls Video full 1pp 8pp

CS61A Homework 04

This is an homewirk of one of the lab exercises:. Week 5 Staff Resources. Ordered Sets Video full 1pp 8pp Lost on the Moon.


Implement a function repeated homeworl that repeated f, n x returns f f Week 7 Class Material. Week 10 Class Material. Composition Video 1pp 1pps 8pp Week 17 Staff Resources.

Tree Recursion Video full 1pp 8pp Scheme Video full 1pp 8pp Scheme Video full 1pp 8pp Data Abstraction Video full 1pp 8pp Week 3 Staff Resources.

Homework 2 Solutions | CS 61A Summer

Week 1 Staff Resources. Midterm 2solutionsand walkthrough videos are posted.

Higher-Order Functions Video 1pp 1pps 8pp Week 15 Staff Resources. Lost on the Moon. Week 2 Class Material. Don’t implement this by converting tuples to rlists, calling subseqsand then converting back!:.

homework 4 cs61a

Interpreters Video 1pp 1pps 8pp. Week 1 Class Material. Midterm 1 Review Exam Prep cs61z Inheritance Video full 1pp 8pp Mutable Values Video full 1pp 8pp Data Examples Video full 1pp 8pp Data Abstraction Video full 1pp 8pp Congratulations to the winners of the Scheme recursive art contest!

homework 4 cs61a

Week 5 Class Material. Week 10 Staff Resources. The map function in the Python library actually allows you to write things like this: Week 17 Class Material.


Function Examples Video full 1pp 8pp Final Review Slides Exam Prep

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