And the shaggy goat represents the kingdom of Greece, and the large horn that is between his eyes is the first king. Julius Scott describes Herod at his death: William Whiston, Christian Ethereal Library. K stenberger, and Charles L. It cannot be studied without considering the influence of worldly events. Remember me on this computer. These texts written by Apostles and other early church fathers were copied and circulated throughout Christendom, culminating in the fourth century AD in the approved Canon of Scripture.

This paper will also describe various factors that impacted the Jews and the Holy Land leading up to and including the time of Christ. Log In Sign Up. However, it was the philosophy of government with the goal of peace and cooperation for the good of the empire. Yale University Press, Decoding the Literary Record, that much of the disagreement is a result the various ways in which historians date Jewish events. It is during this period that the influence of the Sadducees and Pharisees grew.

Could ideas, beliefs and practices significantly change between the Testaments? By Joyce E Gerald.

(DOC) Intertestamental Period Paper – NBST – Roberts[2] | David Roberts –

Caesar Augustus was responsible for the time reeearch domestic and limited international peace and unity that were the result of a comprehensive policy of maintaining a balance of peace throughout the Roman 50 J.

The Pharisees quite readily accepted the resurrection. Pdriod this upheaval, several Judean politicians vied for power. When we look upon these ancient expressions in their original colors and hues without imposing our own predetermined, preconceived colors and hues upon them, the barriers for understanding them are broken down and suddenly their life struggles and triumphs become relevant and useful for our own day. Some of their insights would have contributed significantly to the content of your article.


Though this article is just but a brief survey of a few ways that the world had changed between the Testaments, it is sufficient foundation to understand some of the cultural and religious institutions, political conflicts and moral needs that shaped the New Testament world. This is not to slight the KJV translators. Like the Pharisees, the Essenes presumably continued the Hasidic tradition.

intertestamental period research paper liberty university

Jews were allowed freedom to practice their religious traditions and ceremonies, and even maintained a level lkberty self rule as a subordinate temple state led by the high priest. Cambridge University Press, James H. We begin by returning to BC.

intertestamental period research paper liberty university

Finally, there were sectarian groups such as the Essenes, who lived in … [expectation of the conquering Messiah]. At one point, he erected a statue of Zeus in the temple and sacrificed a pig on the alter. Some of the later Maccabean rulers were excessive in their pride and wickedness, even going so far as to subjugate other peoples and forcibly covert them to Judaism.

Between the Testaments: An Invitation to Explore the Intertestamental Time Period

Cambridge University, Cambridge University Press, Some of libertj Maccabean rulers took upon themselves not only kingship but also appropriated the powers of priesthood, often by paying large sums of money. Herod the Great grew more and more paranoid and disliked by his subjects as time passed. An Introduction to the Documents, translated by David E.

Indeed, when we comprehend the flux of change in the eastern Mediterranean world over the course of five hundred years, our understanding of the New Testament will be enlarged as wide as the chasm that now marks the iintertestamental emptiness between the Testaments.


What the leaders simply desired was stability, which came through the loyalty and taxes of those living within the boundaries of the empire. Alexander also dreamed of bringing the world together in a powerful unity of Greek culture. Baker Academic, Leany, The Jewish and Christian World: Despite the name which merely means pietist and has been adopted by a great many groupsthe Hasidim of the Second Temple Period and the modern Hasidim have little in unviersity.

What do you see? Davies, W D, and L Finklestein. Other Jews tried to write historical expositions of the Jewish people following the literary examples of Greek historian Herodotus.

Many Jews believed that this required closer attention to the laws and rituals of Judaism. Antiochus attempted to limit Judaism by prohibiting certain Jewish intwrtestamental and customs including circumcision and sacred festivals.

It cannot be studied without considering the influence of worldly events. Beginning with its conquest of Europe and the Greek influence abroad, the Hellenization of the Holy Land extended beyond this period.

(DOC) Intertestamental Period Paper – NBST – Roberts[2] | David Roberts –

Soon the Greek language was imported to each of these areas and with it the best of Greek learning, including philosophy, astronomy, music, math, medicine and literature. William Whiston, Christian Ethereal Library. Designing Innovative Study Tools.

intertestamental period research paper liberty university

Seleucus was able to free his brother from Roman captivity and return him to Syria.

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