In , Frederick Jackson Turner wrote what is known as the “frontier thesis,” arguing that our sense of democracy and hard work has been shaped by experience of survival and growth along the frontier. Turner begins the essay by calling to attention the fact that the western frontier line, which had defined the entirety of American history up to the s, had ended. Micheaux promoted the West as a place where blacks could experience less institutionalized forms of racism and earn economic success through hard work and perseverance. Turner set up an evolutionary model he had studied evolution with a leading geologist, Thomas Chrowder Chamberlin , using the time dimension of American history, and the geographical space of the land that became the United States. Nash, “The frontier thesis: Progress or Lost Freedom. He elaborates by stating,.

Most importantly, why has the West continued to fascinate Americans and play such a prominent role in popular culture? Notes to Other Users Teachers may want to familiarize themselves with the ideas in this essay: In spite of this, Turner laments, the frontier has received little serious study from historians and economists. The frontier, they argued, shaped uniquely American institutions such as revivals, camp meetings, and itinerant preaching. The Frontier in American History. Historians have noted that John F.

Nash, “The frontier thesis: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Love on the range: Not the constitution but free land and an abundance of natural resources open to a fit people, made the democratic type of society in America for three centuries while it occupied its empire.

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A Comprehensive Review p. Accessed 23 May Historians have noted that John F.


A similarly race-based interpretation of Western history also occupied the intellectual sphere in the United States before Turner. Turner saw the land frontier was ending, since the U. It explained why the American people and American government were so different from their European counterparts. Turner elaborated on the theme in his advanced history lectures and in a series of essays published over the next 25 years, published along with his initial paper as The Frontier in American History.

Turner and Roosevelt jacksno on the exact aspect of frontier life that shaped the contemporary American. Every generation moved further west and became more American, more democratic, and more intolerant of hierarchy.

According to the theory, the Germanic race appeared and evolved in the ancient Teutonic forests, endowed with a great capacity for politics and government. According to Bancroft, the Germanic germs had spread across of all Western Europe by the Middle Ages and javkson reached their height. The most important aspect of the frontier to Turner is its effect on democracy.

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Wikisource has original text related to this article: Turner’s thesis quickly became popular among intellectuals. Kolb and Hoddeson argue that during turnerss heyday of Kennedy’s “New Frontier,” the physicists who built the Fermi Labs explicitly sought to recapture the excitement of the old frontier.

Williams viewed the frontier concept as a tool to promote democracy through both world wars, to endorse spending on foreign aid, and motivate action against totalitarianism. The tensions between small churches as a result of this fight, Turner states, exist today because of the religious attempt to master the West and those effects are worth further study.

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Essays and Miscellany First ed. Turner first announced his thesis in a paper entitled ” The Significance of the Frontier in American History “, delivered to the American Historical Association in in Chicago. Retrieved from ” https: Theodore Roosevelt’s Myth of the Frontier”.


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Subsequent critics, historians, and politicians have suggested that other ‘frontiers,’ such as scientific innovation, could serve similar functions in American development. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements hackson October Behind institutions, behind constitutional forms and modifications, lie the vital forces that call thesix organs into life and shape them to meet changing conditions. Then, they will focus on choosing images and ideas to include in a movie trailer or poster advertisement that presents a more accurate image of turn of the century western life.

jackson turners thesis apush

This page was last edited on 11 Mayat They argue that, “Frontier imagery motivates Fermilab physicists, and a rhetoric remarkably similar to that of Turner helped them secure support for their research.

Census of had officially stated that the American frontier had broken up. Most importantly, why has the West continued to fascinate Americans and play such a prominent role in popular culture? The story of a apish National Museum of American History.

jackson turners thesis apush

The frontier transformed Jeffersonian democracy into Jacksonian democracy.

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