Type C has a second epoxy group at C-7, 8 or C-9, 10, include crotocin and baccharin produced by cephalosporium crotocingigenum. Support Center Support Center. Retrieved May 18, from http: This paste is then divided into two parts. The extraction, dilution and analysis were as described earlier. These effects are associated with decreases in food intake, inhibits ceramide synthesis and disruption ofsphingolipid metabolism Smith et al.

The abbreviations B and G show Blue and Green color, while 1 and 2 represents the relative igration distance, 1 higher and 2 lower of the compounds as seen on a thin-layer chromatographic plate under ultraviolet light Klich, The evidence of the co-occurrence of different metabolites from different origin, with a wide variety of concentration, is relevant and complex, especially if we consider the absence of detailed studies on the effects of the non-regulated metabolites on human health. Globally, over half of all sorghum is used for human consumption. However, good manufacturing and good hygiene practices should be given utmost importance during production to avoid microbial contamination that may cause foodborne illness. Nutrition and diet therapy principles and practise 5th edition. There was also improvement in the sensory quality.

It is usually flavored with such spices as ginger, black pepper, and tamarind for improvement in its taste and aroma, and also to serve as purgative and cure for flatulent conditions.

literature review of kunu zaki

Table 3 Mineral contents of the kunun zaki samples. In literatuure nations, cereal consumption is moderate and varied but still substantial Vogel, The incidence and concentration of AFs in the samples from the five AEZs were lower than previous reports on rice samples from fields, markets and stores Makun et al. Zearalenone which is also a major mycotoxin, was found with a loterature concentration of 1.


Skip to main content. Due to the non alcoholic nature of this drink, it is widely accepted and consumed by both Christians and muslims alike as a substitute fo alcoholic drinks. Also, Makun et al.

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By Damola O Adejoro. Kunun zaki is often used as a weaning food beverage for infants in Nigeria.

literature review of kunu zaki

The maximum value of BEA was higher than the values of Sweet sorghums have higher silage yield, but grain sorghums have higher nutrition due to the grains, therefore sweet sorghum farmers may plant soybeans along with sorghum to raise the nutritional value of the silage.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

The other part of the paste is then added to this mixture and it is stirred some more. This drink is however still liteature at village technology level 2.

In a related study, Makinde and Oyeleke reported increase in the ash contents of kunun zaki enriched with extract of sesame seeds over the control sample without the extract. The kunun zaki samples were subjected to sensory evaluation for the attributes of appearance, viscosity, aroma, taste, and acceptability.

Literature review of kunu zaki

Ubbor1 and Deview A. Kojic acid was described to be produced by various Aspergillus strains isolated from Egyptian silages El-Shanawany et al. A sample of kunun zaki with no addition of tigernut milk served as control KN Kunun zaki and tigernut milk extract TME were produced using traditional methods, with little modification. It widely consumed for its thirst quenching properties most especially during the dry season Elmahmood and Doughari, Species such as ginger, black pepper, garlic, red pepper and clover are commonly added as flavor and taste improver.


literature review of kunu zaki

In addition, OTA has been suggested as an aetiological agent to interstitial nephritis, urothelial, and testicle tumors in human Anli and Alkis, Dietary exposure to mycotoxins can result in serious health affect both acute and chronic. Log In Sign Up.

Literature review on kunun zaki

The control sample had lowest values of 0. At present over TCT toxins are known, TCT is chemically classified based on the presence or absence of characteristic reciew groups and their producer fungi Sudakin, Moreover, ZEA has been known to causes depress serum testosterone, weights of testes, spermatogenesis, fetal reabsorption, aborted pregnancies, literxture litter sizes and low birth weights, in swine.

As a result of the low nutritional value of this beverage, research efforts are required to ensure its improvement in nutritional quality. One ml of dilution to was pipetted from each test tube unto the potato dextrose agar and incubated for 3days at ambient temperature.

Literature review on kunun zaki

In addition, OTA also occurs in wheat, barley, rye, corn, soy, peanuts, rice, oats, and cassava flour Zain, ; CAST, and in several food of animal origins Peraica et al. Nourishing traditions The cookbook that challenges politically correct nutrition and liferature diet dictocrats. The values measured in this work are comparable with AFs contamination of 0. The metabolites were classified into various groups Table 1although this classification is not unambiguous; e.

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