The materials and literature review are utilized to the optimum. Tallawahs look good for top two after easing past Warriors. To review management systems and decision making. The web Page ContactUs. At the low level, management is interested in the daily activities of the organization.

The present high cost of material, access to a personal computer unit for running and debugging of the application program, transportation expenses to and fro the site of computer etc. A new computerized and more sophisticated system is designed to tackle the problems of manual process. Comparing American, Japanese and Chinese management. More thanks to you, my readers. Faced with these almost intractable problems, which were further compounded by the burden of reconstruction after the civil war, the government and people of Nigeria set for the country, fresh goals, and objectives aimed at establishing Nigeria as: The web Page ContactUs. This is questionnaire survey, and focus group discussions FGDs.


The form of sending people to their various places of study in accordance with their respective areas of specialization Program: A problem understood is half solved. Also, to create a level playing ground for all prospective Corps members. AddWithValue ” define”, “Staff” hamplus.

There is no military conscription in Nigeria, but since graduates of universities and later Polytechnics sysem been required to take part in the National Youth Service Corps NYSC program for one year. SQL Server management studio was used as its database.

Literature review on nysc posting

This method of data processing reveals a number of problems which includes: Sort code, Abstract Price: Then the problem might be to rank these alternatives postung terms of how attractive they are to the decision maker s when all the criteria are considered simultaneously.


Treats the system design and implementation Chapter 5. Next we collect, sort and classify data regarding the problem. AddWithValue ” ad”, rblSex. Nigerian University students are sent on a one year National youth service corps after their graduation from the university.

A management information system MIS is a formal information network using computers to provide management with information necessary for decision taking the fundamental objective of an MIS is to get the correct information to the appropriate manager at the right time.

Meanwhile, a Nobel laureate suggests that decision making revieew synonymous with managing. Odigie in Apanapudor, J. A decision is the choice made among the alternative courses of action. In this enthralling world, the computer has served as an aid to decision making in recent years, mostly because of its efficiency in terms of speed, accuracy, reliability, cost and security, among others.

The web Page ContactUs. They are expected to mix with people of other tribes, social and family backgrounds, to learn the culture of the indigenes in the place they are posted to.

literature review on nysc posting system

AddWithValue ” disc”, txtdis. High administrative costs which include cost from transportation to communication and so on. Log In Sign Up.

We are not encouraging any form of plagiarism. Also, the proposed system is an asset to the scheme not a liability as it is a fund generator. Thus they are action — driven and often sensitized to o by observed deviation.



Lack of competency among unskilled human resources that claim professionals and so on 1. The total population for the study is staff The unfortunate antecedents in our national history gave impetus to the establishment of the National Youth Service Corps by decree No. Mandell in Apanapudor, J.

Community Development Service Passing out: Net under Project Topics and Materials. The interface of the system is a graphical user interface and not a command type; it is also an interactive, clear and not clumsy interface.

literature review on nysc posting system

Providing hysc reports can be very expensive. Nigerian universities and polytechnics are presently producing thousands of graduates every year. With computers making decisions for human, the ability to manipulation no more exist since there is no human present and in this system, immediately you click a button, the decision is made using these rules If rdapplysearch. A systematically arranged collection of computer data, structured so that it can be automatically retrieved or manipulated.

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