A minimum of 15 hours of community service per week, per semester is required for each honors credit hour to be waived. The contract should explain the goals of the internship, the methodology to be followed, and should include a detailed plan of study. Log In Sign Up. Abstracts should conform to the disciplinary conventions of your field. For more information about completing an Honors Thesis, click here. Boydell Press, , pp. It must also involve a creative and leadership element, such as the design of a program or policy that identifies a problem and meets a specific need of the agency.

The eligibility criteria for continuing membership in the Honors College is the same as for continuing Crimson Scholars status. Although proposal formats will vary, each should clearly identify the research problem and methodology, and should establish the original thrust of the research. Kren, Medieval Science and Technology: Click here to sign up. Sienna Mata Conroy Scholar Major: Human Forensic Analysis Capstone: It is advisable to choose a person for whom the student has performed successfully in more than one course.

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Curry, Prophecy and Power: The student will be required to submit a proposal to you and the Honors Dean for approval. The eligibility requirements to enroll in lower-division honors courses are the same as those pertaining to admission to the college and continuance in the college.

Provide students with an interdisciplinary, intellectually challenging curriculum that integrates active and service-based learning; Promote university-wide undergraduate research and experiential opportunities, linking students with faculty mentors; Foster faculty enrichment and professional development; Encourage, mentor and guide students seeking postgraduate scholarships and fellowships; Offer students opportunities for developing leadership skills; Create a residential community that combines learning inside and outside the classroom.


The Honors Living and Learning Community is comprised of three components:. Skip to main content. Haley Stewart Conroy Scholar Majors: El Paso Probate Court. It is a place where honors students live among a community of excellent students with outstanding yhesis records and who are interested in getting the most out of the academic opportunities njsu to them at a large research institution.

The following guidelines apply: Students who graduate in either category are awarded a medallion at a pre-commencement ceremony, which they may wear at commencement with their caps and gowns. Discussion Leader and Project Organizer: Conroy Honors Center; worked with architects to implement design for the building.

Often students need assistance in narrowing the topic to make it manageable and in recognizing the genuine originality of their approach to the problem. Students who complete the requirements for graduation with either distinction receive recognition in the commencement program, a Certificate of Distinction, and a honord upon graduation. Students in the Honors College are strongly encouraged to participate in an international experience.

nmsu honors thesis

Recent posts have included: Pamela Smith, The Body of the Artisan: Sophomores, juniors and seniors with a cumulative grade-point average of 3. Journal of the Society of Renaissance Studies.


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Other research or scholarship that relates to your thesis focus should be cited in the proposal as well. Hoors honors classes are taught in the Conroy Honors Center.

It should be evident in the proposal that the research goal is an original one. The college aspires to cultivate student potential to broadly understand and positively impact communities, organizations and the larger world.

Proposal content and focus will vary from one discipline to another.

Paravacini Bagliani, Micrologus, vol. Performance expectations should be clearly understood between student and professor.

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Used in psychology and education. A minimum of 15 hours of community honorw per week, per semester is required for each honors credit hour to be waived.

A preliminary bibliography if appropriate. Angela Kearns Conroy Scholar Major: The Service Learning Project must be more than simply a certain number of hours volunteered to an agency.

nmsu honors thesis

By taking honors courses, students may also thrsis toward completing general education requirements and disciplinary requirements in the major. Computer Science and Mathematics Capstone: European Communities,pp.

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