Pay attention to what matters to NSLI-Y, and focus on how you can show them you fit their expectations. Yang would teach from 1 PM to 3 PM. Screenshots of what you have to do after becoming a semifinalist are down below! While the interview does play an important role in the steps to becoming a finalist, the written application will be reevaluated by other application readers as well. My interview lasted around minutes and the two interviewers were really nice. This is simply an organized conversation in which you hope to eventually stumble upon deep topics like the meaning of life, or, in my case, newly inaugurated Donald Trump.

It is so vital that a participant can behave maturely in stressful situations, since there are many cases in which you have to rely on your own abilities to figure things out. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Despite their importance, I found the four NSLI-Y essays to be nothing out of the ordinary NOTE, although I am not sure, I have heard from others who applied for the year-long, as opposed to summer, program that five essays are required, instead of four , with the most exceptional essay being the Letter of Introduction to your prospective host family. You can shoot me an email at shreyamapadath gmail. I am glad this helped! The part that I believe takes the most thought is the Activities, Athletics, and Organizations section.


But, the point is, applying to X language will not improve your chances of getting in, but having a strong justification for whatever language will help you be placed in your top program choice.

This year I know of one girl in Montana I think? This is an excellent and detailed guide that will surely help all those who want to apply to NSLY! Do talk about negative experiences that have shaped you positively NSLI-Y can prove to be very hard at times.

It is also important to not try to be someone else. Hopefully this page is helpful when it comes to the lengthy paperwork, the interview, and the excruciating wait for your applicant status.

NSLI-Y Application Tips | ペラペラ・パス

The NSLI-Y application is quite long and is similar to college applications in the sense that it will ask you everything from your personal information, extracurricular activities, academic performance, essays and language experience. My biggest tip here would be not to try to collect nslj-y the activities you can think of to put on the resume. It is important rssay focus less on making yourself look good and more on showing off your personality. Pay attention to what matters to NSLI-Y, and focus on how you can show them you fit their expectations.


Now is just a matter of getting those thoughts down in a manner that is clear and to the point. What are you doing in this hypothetical portrait painting? Being surrounded by such brilliant people has inspired me to reconsider what I consider to be possible by someone my age. Brag about yourself a little because you are an awesome person with awesome qualities.

nsli-y essay tips

Your interviewer will ask you questions from a list in front of them and proceed to jot down notes tipss your responses.

Show don’t tell 3.

Advice for Prospective Applicants

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