Top, right and bottom margins may vary in the Appendix pages, but the left margin must be 1. In order to defend during the intersession, the student must be registered for the following semester. Faint, streaked, or uneven copies are unacceptable. The Copyright Clearance Center U. Use lower-case Roman numerals for the front matter which is all pages before the body of research , create section break and continue beginning again with page “1” with Arabic numerals for the remainder of the manuscript, including the text, illustrations, appendices and references.

If the committee chooses either the first or second recommendation, they may decide that no further meetings are needed. Style The style of your thesis or dissertation may follow any one of many standard style guides, as preferred by your graduate unit, or the style considered standard in your particular discipline. Format All manuscript pages must be 8. No manuscript is complete without a full listing of the necessary bibliographic information about the sources upon which the study is based. To afford an opportunity for the members of the examination committee, as well as others faculty, students, staff, etc. Page numbers must be correct. It will follow the appendices.

Graduate Studies does not provide copyright advisement. No manuscript is complete without a full listing of the necessary bibliographic information about the sources unj which the study is based.

Use a professional quality font e. ProQuest provides copyrighting of dissertations as a supplementary service when the work is being registered with them. There is no longer the need to register your work for copyright.

The major section headings usually Chapter headings should each begin on a new page. The degree you will be receiving at UNM, and the month and year of your graduation should be listed toward the bottom of the page check with Graduate Studies for the graduation date.


Doctoral students must select the “traditional publishing” diswertation and not the “open access” option to activate the no registration fee feature, disserration they will be charged as shown below.

At least two weeks before the final examination is held, and no later than November 1 for Fall graduation, April 1 for Spring, or July 1 for Summer, the major graduate unit must notify Graduate Studies of its scheduled date by submitting the Announcement of Examination form.

The text itself should be either one and a half spaces or double-spaced. UNM accepts both traditional and non-traditional hybrid thesis.

Graduate Studies

An Announcement of Examination form must be submitted two weeks prior to the dissertation defense date. Page numbers in the Appendices must also appear consistently as in the rest of the manuscript.

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Count the title page as page “ii”. These are often sent separately after the defense by the graduate unit; if given to the student for submission with the manuscript, they should be sealed in an envelope by the graduate unit and marked “Confidential. Top, right and bottom margins may vary in the Appendix pages, but the left margin must be 1.

Your entire dissertation will be published by ProQuest. Publication rights to the thesis or dissertation are reserved to you as the author. Optional This is an oggs page. Abstract Page On the Abstract page first list the title of your manuscript, your name, all degrees you have already earned in chronological orderand the degree to be awarded.


Whichever method of pagination is selected, it must be followed lgs. Acknowledgement Page Optional This is also an optional page. Students must meet the general degree requirements published in the UNM Catalog.

ogs dissertation unm

On the next line, indent five spaces, and begin listing each appendix with its title e. The form should be filed the term the student passes the comprehensive examination and no later than the last day of the term before the student intends to graduate. Thesis or dissertation manuscripts are generally divided into three sections: However, the manuscript must be accompanied by an abstract in English approved by the committee. Placement of Page Numbers There are only two ways to paginate your manuscript: The Announcement of Examination form must be submitted to Graduate Studies a minimum of two weeks before the scheduled date of the examination.

The registration fee is payable by credit card. Check “dot leader tab” in Microsoft Word in the “help” for more information.

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Figures and their captions must appear on the same page, within the required dissedtation. Do not use abbreviations. Tables continuing for more than one page should be labeled [e. Students are responsible for preparing theses in proper format traditional or non-traditionalwhich is of high quality and free of grammatical and typing errors.

Page numbers must be correct.

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