If you drop in to the ELS and we are not there for any reason, or a workshop is running, do email us with your query and we shall get back to you. Academic staff, library staff and other support staff are here to help! He has a PhD in nuclear physics and a diploma in journalism, and is soon to qualify as a Consultant Fellow with the Royal Literary Fund. You can recap later. QMUniversity tweeted 1 day s ago.

Cookies help us deliver our services. How to book an appointment? File your notes somewhere helpful and clearly labelled! Proofreading and editing Wed 27 mar 1. To make an appointment with Doug on a Tuesday or Wednesday, E: Drop-in If you are looking for some quick advice or guidance, you can drop in and see us in room

Lectures are the springboard for your own study. Writers work one-to-one with students, using their expertise in language and communication to help them develop their essay writing. Useful questions to help your reading decisions Why am I reading this?

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You open the app and plant a virtual tree, Seems sssay but hold on the longer you leave your phone the bigger your tree will grow, you can even have qum virtual Forest if eessay leave it long enough. Create yourself a study playlist and put those headphones in. Monday to Friday Alternatively, you can make an appointment by email at the following address: The key is to do regular, but short, bits of reading and note-taking from the start.


Basically, treat your uni day as a work day, as you would in a job. Appointments will usually be held in room Individual appointments, in-sessional Academic Writing Classes, and a Pre-sessional English Course What happens in an individual appointment? Is it straightforward or difficult?

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If you drop in to the ELS and we are not there for any reason, or a workshop is running, do email us with smu query and we shall get back to you. The ELS does not proof-read or check completed essays — the aim of the sessions is for you to build up the skills and confidence you need to tackle academic tasks successfully yourself.

Read – If you want to, read the text more carefully. Tag Filter Search Tags Media Enquiries For media enquiries or to access one of our experts. Plan out a semesterusing a wall planner or similar. One session is enough in many cases, but students often have hwlp sessions over a semester.

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These courses are designed to prepare non-native speakers of English for university study in Britain. Lectures at university may give you a broad introduction to a topic, and it is up to you to explore hel topic in your own reading. Have a revision plan or timetable to help you and stick to it.


Everyone will have their preferred study technique and organisation, the key is to know what works for you and make time for revision. An ELS advisor will discuss any concerns you have, such as taking notes, reading effectively, planning and structuring essays or exam belp and then work out various strategies to help.

With an almost unlimited library of music belp Spotify you have a lot of music to choose from, or just listen to those same ten songs you really like. Lynne Russell Communications Manager Email.

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Do you want to find out: Effective Learning Service Email. About browzer Terms of Service Cookie Policy.

qmu essay help

QMUniversity tweeted 9 hour s ago. You can create a bibliography and use this to keep all your references pre generated.

Five steps to effective reading when you want to read in-depth Skim and scan – Scan text quickly to get an overall impression. Have a definite end point for the study day.

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Should I read it later? QMUniversity tweeted 13 hour s ago. Take your time, use feedback and ask for advice.

qmu essay help

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