Living World – Desertification. Which is the hottest month? Overgrazing of animals iii. Optional task in the booklet below. The loss of vegetation can cause severe soil erosion. Large stones are then placed into this trench followed by smaller ones. Sheet here Why do deserts form and why?

All of these things reduce the amount of natural vegetation. Grasses can also be planted along the barrier. Desertification also means there are less tree cover and more grasses, which protect the soil less. When it rains, the rainwater runs over the surface of the soil rather than soaking in which means that soil can often be washed away. As population increases they increase the numbers of animals they keep, such as goats, which eat more vegetation.

Case Study 9: Causes/management of Sahel desertification

Droughts occur when a long period of abnormally dry weather leads to a severe water shortage. Sahdl water is not available for people to drink, increasing the use of contaminated water and diseases such as cholera. The Sahel is located directly south of the Sahara desert and stretches from the east to the west of Africa.

These stones slow down run off water and allow it time to infiltrate the ground and rich sediments to be trapped in the field. G11 Mock G12 Mock.

sahel case study igcse

Link to iGCSE Population – How does a high fertility rate 7 children contribute to the problems caused by drought in this part of Africa? Make notes on different approaches that can be taken to reverse the effects of desertification in the Sahel region of Africa. A project focussing on Acacia or gum trees is trying to help. As population increases they increase the numbers of animals they keep, such as goats, which eat more vegetation. Living World – Desertification Strategies. There are no plants or leaves to intercept rain and soil is left exposed to hot sun so the sun bakes the soil and it cracks.


This idea was to lay stones along the contours of the land in long lines which traps the rainwater that falls. Grasses can also be planted wtudy the barrier.

This leaves the soil of poor quality where nothing can grow. Strategies used to reduce casd risk of desertification Desertification is not inevitable and with careful management of water resources, the soil and vegetation via tree planting we can limit the spread of deserts. Task 1 – Stud the worksheet by clicking on the blue tab to the right, between both YouTube videos. With less vegetation there is less transpiration and evaporation from the soil, causing sahsl rainfall.

No generic book summaries, but the specific content you need to ace your exams. Describe the distribution of severe to exceptional drought events.

How has this animal adapted to its climate and surroundings? Planting the trees reverses desertification by preventing soil erosion and providing nutrients for other plants and crops to grow. The tree is a native tree, it puts nutrients back into the soil, provides shelter for crops under its branches and provides fodder for livestock. This region provides Africa with food and cash crops such as millet and cotton.

Droughts are also often caused by the activity of humans as well. Skip to navigation Skip to content. People usually women and children travel further to find water, which means children miss school and the carrying of heavy loads can lead to back problems.


It is a technology that is low cost and requires skills that can be quickly learned.

Sahel Drought Case Study

This has led to vegetation disappearing. Earn hundreds of dollars each month by selling your written material to your fellow students. Desertification is the process by which land ivcse drier and degraded, as a result of climate change or human activities, or both.

They marked out the contours and dug out a foundation trench. Lack of food and water can also mean farmed species such as cattle can die of starvation. It cuts half moon shaped holes which collect rainwater ensuring that the young plant roots will have enough water to survive the long dry season.

Droughts – Edexcel – Revision 4 – GCSE Geography – BBC Bitesize

All of these things reduce the amount of natural vegetation. Many of the techniques used have used appropriate technology, which is suited to the needs, skills, knowledge and wealth of local people in the environment which they live. This settled agriculture means that people farm too intensively which also drains the soil of its nutrients.

sahel case study igcse

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