But that day will come. I suspect that a cult movie, on the contrary, must display some organic imperfections. Philosophy of Film in Aesthetics. Here instead both men are betrayed and suffer a loss, but, in this defeat an additional element plays a part, so subtly that one is hardly aware of it. Mixing genres with wild abandon, Casablanca has become a cult film precisely because, as Umberto Eco suggests, ‘it is not one movie. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Borrowings to Create Anew:

For this is also the story of a round of Desires, only two of which are satisfied: Curiously enough, a book can also inspire a cult even though it is a great work of art: But they do achieve purity through sacrifice – and this means Redemption. At most it can explain the new ways in which Casablanca will be received in the next years. This site uses cookies.

umberto eco casablanca essay

This undoubtedly represents a nice problem, for later Rick must play the role of the Redeemed Drunkard and he has to be made a drunkard as a Disillusioned Lover so that he can be redeemed. Christopher Falzon – – Routledge. It should display not one central dco but many.

Thus in this case we witness an instance of metacult, or of cult about cult — a Cult Culture.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. Find it on Scholar. The first symphonic elaboration comes with the second scene around the roulette table.

umberto eco casablanca essay

Bedford Books, pp. The theatrical origin of the plot, and its poverty of means, led to casablanxa admirable condensation of events in a single setting. The passage from the waiting room to the Promised Land requires a Magic Key, the visa. Forced to improvise a plot, the authors mixed in a little of everything, and everything they chose came from a repertoire of the tried and true.

umberto eco casablanca essay

Into this orgy of sacrificial archetypes accompanied by the Faithful Essaay theme in the relationship of Bogey and the black man Dooley Wilson is inserted the theme of Unhappy Love: Caligari –he is not a ruthless, technological Nazi, but a nocturnal and diabolical Caesar.

So one is tempted to read Casablanca the way T. See at the end the same opposition closing the story: The making of Casablanca. But to make the passage one must submit to a test, the Wait “they wait and wait and wait,” says the off-screen voice at the beginning.

Roger Bromley – – Angelaki 2 1: Cult movies and intertextual collage”. But now let us forget how the film was made and see what it has to show us.

But they do achieve purity through sacrifice – and this means Redemption. Casablznca, robberies, violence, and repression.


Before that, he had established himself as an authority in the fields or semiotics, cultural studies and literary theory, with such publications as A Theory of Semiotics [first esssay in Italy ] and The Role of the Reader: La misteriosa llamada de la reina Loana The Intertextual Self: The interplay of unhappy loves produces numerous twists and turns.

Casablanca: Cult Movies and Intertextual Collage – The Art and Popular Culture Encyclopedia

Rick slowly shows up, first by synecdoche his handthen by metonymy the check. Last Day in Paris. But in the archetypal love-triangle there is a Betrayed Husband and a Victorious Lover. Two Weeks in Another Town.

Casablanca: Cult Movie

This, alone, is a phenomenon worthy of veneration. This site uses cookies. By becoming the Donor, Rick meets Redemption. Casablanca is the Magic Door.

He has taught at universities in Turin, Milan, Florence and Bologna, and is a frequent academic visitor to the United States.

These are situations that have presided over stories throughout the ages.

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