Include the impact this tolerance and exposure may have on potential outcomes. Tacoma Narrows Bridge and How should your company deal with them accept them, share them, transfer them, or minimize them? Suspension Bridges – Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Bigger and Higher 7. Tacoma Narrows Suspension Bridge The dramatic collapse of the Tacoma Narrows suspen- a series of violent vertical and DeHavilland knew that Boeing was at work on its own design, the , and felt the need to be first to market.

For example in the case of Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Developing Risk Mitigation Strategies. Project teams can focus their risk analysis in these areas or use the diagram to give weight or perspective to potential risk variables. Publishing as Prentice Hall 22 students can often identify alternatives to standard approaches for risk mitigation, although it is also useful to have them recognize that for certain low impact risks, simply accepting them is often the best least expensive and fastest solution. Brainstorming, expert opinion and multiple assessment approaches share similar benefits and drawbacks. Add this document to collection s. DeHavilland was producing an aircraft that was so revolutionary in so many ways that they may have become overawed by the push in technology for its own sake.

They must justify their mitigation strategy on the basis of how severe the risk effect could be, the alternatives, and the reasons why they selected the mitigation strategy they chose. After listing them on the board develop a qualitative risk matrix and ask bricge to help classify the various risk elements.

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Looking for possible risks could be an endless process, however, it is important as outlined in the text to approach risk in a systematic way. Synergy among group members may also create a bridbe range of risk identification. Maria Gonzalez PM Mr.


Bridge before it collapsed. This process does not ensure that all risks will be identified or that the right contingencies will be created. This way the team does not get stalled at one stage or leave out a vital step altogether. DeHavilland was 7.22 an aircraft that was so revolutionary in so many ways that they may have become overawed by the push in technology for its own sake.

The answer is that they did not recognize the risk in the design, sighting of the bridge, or construction until after it had been constructed. Upload document Create flashcards.

Be sure to include a numerical risk analysis for full points. Once risks have been identified, preventative action or contingency plans may be established to reduce the impact of the risk on the success of the project. Publishing as Prentice Hall 14 of risk management effectively before moving on to subsequent tasks. Consider the following statement: However, the Delphi bridgs can take considerable time to complete successfully.

Identify the risk factors that you consider most important for the suspension bridge Coordinating a school dance would run risks associated with availability of staff and an appropriate facility as well nargows adequate funding.

The matrix enables the project team to prioritize risk based on severity of consequences and likelihood of occurrence. The amount of time required to learn and institute the steps may be unreasonable in a short-term, low-budget initiative.

The process becomes anonymous reducing interference of egos and personal problems.

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Publishing as Prentice Hall 12 documented, information related to similar projects can easily be found and project teams can avoid bfidge by learning from the mistakes of others. Although in might be difficult for students to reasonably comment on probability of failure, there is no question that consequences would be catastrophic as they were.


Unfortunately, the drawback is that past performance does not always predict future performance.

case study 7.2 tacoma narrows bridge answers

Over time, the fundamental aircraft design minus the original square windows has been proven to be a success, narroww the company never again attempted to launch it in the commercial jet market. Certainly, the original Comet included several radical design elements embedded engines in the wing root, square windows, pressurized cabin, and so forth that any one of them could have been a significant advance on its own.

The background of the story is not as well known and illustrates what happens bridye we attempt to be too innovative without recognizing the full implications of our choices.

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse: Narrows Bridge on the morning of November 7, Why was so little risk analysis done at the time? Where do you draw the line; in other words, how far do you take risk brirge before it becomes overkill?

April 7, Galloping Gertie.

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Discuss the issue of project constraints and other unique aspects of the bridge in the risk management process.

Publishing as Prentice Hall 4 7. Who was the bridge designer? Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse Publishing as Prentice Hall 20 Based on the above information, how would you rate the consequences of each of the identified risk factors?

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