For example, if you were absent one day, you have one day turn in make up work. In some districts, the scores may end up counting in student grades — resulting in delayed report cards. Shirts must be long enough not to show any midriff or skin when students are involved in activities, and not so long that hems are hanging around the knees. MNPS used a Friday news dump to let the city know about the results of the lead testing. Any child with these symptoms must be kept at home a full 24 hours without symptoms before returning to school.

All parents and visitors must come to the office to sign a student out of school. Text messaging that contains inappropriate content, profanity, or threats to others. The staff of Meigs Middle Magnet School believes that no one has the right to disturb the learning environment. Birthday party invitations may not be given out at school, unless invitations are brought for every child in the classroom. Sending progress reports home in the middle of each grading period 4. Cheating is not tolerated.

As one would expect, there was lead found in numerous buildings across the district. Gym shorts are not acceptable outside the gym. Friday news dumps are used to avoid the media.

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Earl y Dismissal Teachers use every minute of the instructional day and early releases create a disruption for students. Our plan carries key elements of research-based classroom management programs which state that positive behavior has a positive effect on classroom instruction, and, therefore, student retention of material.

Money Please do not allow your child to bring money to school for anything other than lunch, supplies, field trips, bookstore purchases, or school-sponsored fundraisers. Teach for America has been a partner of Metro Schools sinceworking to close the opportunity gap for students in low-income communities. These are assigned infrequently or at the end of a unit. Students will also be given the opportunity to visit educational websites.


Overton MNPS announced late last week that Overton High School would start two days late because construction was not completed at the school.

mnps homework policy

We believe that appropriate behavior should be modeled, encouraged and acknowledged. Classroom teachers have flexibility as well in methods of motivation and individual classroom expectations. The data show that our high schools are struggling more with math than English language arts ELAthough each section has only a small percentage of students who are scoring within the top two tiers of TNReady.

Any student in violation of this policy is subject to immediate discipline. Here are some excellent examples that show the level of effort that is expected from my students: If your child is on reduced or free lunch and you feel that you cannot pay the requested amount, just send a note to the classroom teacher.

mnps homework policy

Students arriving between 8: So when will these changes start to take place? The staff of Meigs Middle Magnet School believes that no one has the right to disturb the learning environment. Any incidents that occur in an after-school program will be referred to the afterschool program provider for discipline. Tardiness Students are expected to arrive on time for school each day.

No students will be dismissed after 2: You can read the rest of the editorial here.



If your child is spending more than that amount of time in any subject, please contact the teacher. Please make every effort to have your child at school each day. We believe that our students can and should behave appropriately.

On other occasions, parents may be asked to pay for field trips, donate items used for special activities, or class snacks. Sometimes, it will take a week before a mind map is complete.

Here are some excellent examples that show the level of effort that is expected from my students:. Automatic “0” on the assignment, referral for cheating, call to parent, mandatory conference with parent and principal.

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Instead, please call the main office and speak to either Mrs. Researchers investigated the rate of high school students involved in car crashes in a county where high school start times were pushed back one hour. As we see from the graph below, we have new terminology to use when discussing the data.

Acknowledge the issue, fix it, and move on to the next set of issues facing our school system. Our mission is to provide a rigorous liberal arts curriculum that will allow our capable learners to perform at high standards of academic and social development. There will be a time limit for every quiz or test.

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