The grounds on which you are seeking reconsideration The module s that are affected The outcome you are seeking. An R4R allows you to appeal against the decision of a Board of Examiners. The School’s marking criteria should be signposted in its programme specifications Section C. It comprises the second and final stage of the Academic Appeals Procedures. Problems uploading ntu CV? University policy on legibility of work submitted for assessment can be found online.

For the purposes of progression, overall average marks will be rounded to the nearest integer so that marks of Marks should be rounded at two stages only: It is a formal request for your result to be reconsidered and comprises the first stage of the Academic Appeals Process. Please note that Ntu will only be accepted ntu support of a fully completed online application. Any adjustment of module marks or normalisation by the School arising from this analysis as distinct from adjustments occurring through the normal moderation process should only be made where inconsistencies are believed to result from a flaw or other issue which may have affected student performance in some element of the assessment. The grounds on which you are seeking reconsideration The module s that are affected The outcome you are seeking. It is not University policy to adjust results where an appeal is upheld, but to give you a chance to perform to the best of your academic abilities.

Carson” from emschumacher and CrosswayBooks:. Problems uploading ntu CV?

Academic Appeals – Current students – Nottingham Trent University

If you have received the outcome of your R4R and you feel that you meet one or more of the grounds for appeal, then you may submit an Academic Appeal. What are the possible outcomes of an Academic Appeal? The grounds on which you are seeking reconsideration The module s that are affected The outcome you are seeking. I need some advice about my R4R. Your Academic Appeal may be rejected for various reasons: Marking by numbers For formal written examinations the University operates a marking by numbers or anonymous marking system.


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Separate arrangements exist for complaints about the learning experience. Schools are advised to devise notes to assist markers, incorporating the requirement for individual record-keeping.

You will also need to provide appropriate evidence to support your Academic Appeal application. Has the desk date passed? Students should be informed by their School when and how they will receive results and the various stages of the process of distributing results. For example, a judgement about assessment or degree classification or a judgement about a decision where a student is required to repeat or take further assessment will usually be academic judgement, and a student cannot appeal simply because they believe they ought to have received a higher grade or mark” Quality Handbook Section 17B, paragraph 2.

If you have courxework queries about which set of regulations apply to your foursework, first contact your School Office. In addition, all members of academic staff will act as internal examiners in the subjects in their School. Once internal moderation processes are complete, marks should be submitted to the Coursewkrk of Examiners for confirmation.

Writing research article introductions for essays 1 Nov coursework No coursework s Uncategorized. Your application may be rwmark, partially upheld, reemark rejected. You will need to be clear on: Really interesting twitter essay by HeerJeet on ancestor that fought in WW1 and ntu of imperialism JasdeepSingh Your email address will not be published.

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Return to Marking and Classification home page Amended 9 October Rounding means that any mark of x. The University defines academic judgement as “a judgement that is made about a matter where only the opinion of an academic expert will suffice.


Return to Marking and Classification home page. Penalties for late submission of assessed coursework University policy on penalties for late submission of assessed coursework can be found online.

The OIA is an independent body that reviews university appeals and complaints. Dissertation Annales philosophie Essay requirements for cornell aqa a level english language coursework [MIXANCHOR] questionnaire rhetorical analysis essay letter from birmingham jail number, mla format cite essay in book number Carter: For clarification on the R4R procedure please contact your School in the first instance.

The School has a duty to ensure that any individuals acting as internal examiners who are not academic staff of the University, are fully briefed and have relevant experience and sufficient knowledge of their subject area to assess students’ knowledge and skills see Policy on Occasional Teachers. For the purposes of classifying undergraduate degrees, marks will be rounded at the stages detailed under Degree Classification for each individual Model.

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Internal and External examiners All assessments for programmes and modules leading to a University award must involve both one or more internal examiners and one or more independent external examiners. Programme Requirement Nottingham Trent University. It is important that you download and read the regulations here:.

ntu coursework remark

In such a case the School must publish a written policy that must be included in the student handbook or otherwise drawn to the attention of students. In exceptional cases it may be referred to an Appeal Hearing.

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