Since the whole section was presented without any text, I borrowed the classic visual language of comic books—the talking boxes. These frames label, augment, enhance, and explain things for us. What created a computer—which is also the machine that was used to create this very text—is rooted in a curiosity of mechanizing this unique property of humans, the ability of falling in and out of strange loops. In my own experience, for example, I find it difficult to truly sense the weather outside of the building during the day because I spend most of my time working in my studio. This proposal offers a range of iconographic, utilitarian emoji which would allow communication of complex information during critical situations.

You can see them here and here. How many different ways can you write or draw something? How can we leave traces of ourselves behind? One hundred forty-nine days abroad. Print this interaction is a form generator that takes browser interaction as its input.

This performance ran from November 28 — December 5, How many more units would it take to describe me? This process has led me to wonder: Sun Clock is a real-time light projection installation.

risd mfa graphic design thesis

Hey, Candidate Hey, Candidate discusses how identity is constructed through information disseminations. Through various portals of engagement, viewers become participants as they immerse themselves in the work.

Today, the screen is sophisticated enough to hide its raw material, the pixel.

By testing images and subverting image-making technologies, I challenge the fidelity of vision and representation. How many different ways can you write or draw something? It also presents the fundamentals of defining a design problem in order to provide a direct solution. Minryung Son Twenty-seven years alive. These patterned blankets serve dual purposes: Designed under the mentorship of James Goggin. I am sure everybody has encountered the situation where a facial recognition system on our iPhones registers something that is not a human face.


Beginning with a focus on close observation of small details and ending with an approach that invites and celebrates variability, this thesis offers a glimpse into a design practice from the lens of a typographer, type designer, and educator.

We consider letterforms in terms of the relationship between form and counter, and we talk about black shapes and white shapes, rather than letters and negative space. It highlights the duration and fatalities of each of the wars through codes of laser cut circles and gdaphic treatments of the three edges of the book. Anagram Posters Anagram is a word formed by rearranging the letters of another.

Printed with densely layered patterns sourced from proven information camouflage technology, these coverings add a layer of protection to keep you safe from chaos and surveillance. The inherent absurdity of this mega toaster highlights the individualistic orientation htesis mass-produced consumer goods. When I asked my mentor Anne West the advantages of an abstract she raised a good point by telling me that an abstract makes the book searchable when it hhesis in the library.

Conversations theeis Contemporary Art.

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dessign This installation consists of a large sun projected onto the wall at the end of a darkened hallway on the first floor of the building.


I’ve been commissioned by artist Clement Valla to design calibration targets for his artwork. There was always a toaster in the kitchen when I was growing up. Through the process of content collection, I came to realize my inadequacy in the English language: My section is thus created to be recognized and not read. This project revitalized dexign love for intuitive form-making as a ritualistic practice. I view many of these pieces as editorial illustrations or visual arguments. Through designed prompts and invitations, I incorporate musical themes of chance and improvisation, setting up programs, altering spaces, and interrupting existing conditions.

Print this interaction is a form generator that graphiic browser interaction as its input.

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I am interested in how a machine functions imperfectly. Timeline of Wars in History Timeline of Wars in History is a laser-cut book that comprises a record of all wars noted in the historical record from to the present. How can we leave traces of ourselves behind? Buy Now A collection of test patterns developed by graphic designer and type designer Cem Eskinazi. The goal is to reassemble the three-dimensional configurations by using two-dimensional public imagery.

Most RISD graduate students complete their degrees with an exhibition and written thesis or degree project.

risd mfa graphic design thesis

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