I just got Thesis 2. At worst, they work. From the perspective of ideological consistency, if you require that everyone else adhere to your requests for trademark protection, then you ought to extend the same courtesy and respect to others. However, 10 minutes later—and before either party had signed the settlement—the UDRP forum issued its ruling on the case: However, because it was being redirected to themeshaper. This guy is on the way down — big time. Honesty and personal integrity are key life values of mine.

Thesis 2 has served to highlight just how cool Headway 3. Hi Chris You are very welcome to say so. My site looks weird when viewing from my iphone4. The theme looks awesome, though. I restored Thesis 1 on my site and abandoned Thesis 2.

What a huge disappointment it was.

thesis pearsonified skin

Every product has bugs right? How the Headway layout mechanism wraps blocks is entirely up to it, and while it often thesid to wrap a single row of items, for some layouts it does not. Thesis 2 Skins List Updated: Looking for Thesis Skins?

Thesis 2 Skins

I do enjoy writing though, so thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it. It was waaaay to difficult. Try to remember where you read that, and let me know. Of course, most new stuff has a learning curve.


thesis pearsonified skin

However, because it was being redirected to themeshaper. They could achieve this by signing the partially-executed settlement upon which they had already agreed in principle. How do ya like them apples so far? I am no longer a user.

But the game is rigged. I countered with the following:.

Thesis Skins – Free and Premium Skins for Thesis 2 Theme

Yet he sometimes also seems to believe he knows everything better than anyone else, be it politics or coding. Network Entrepreneur Responsive Skin https: But I honestly had expected Thesis 2 to challenge that position, and probably conquer it. No other WordPress comes close to Headways power, relative to its ease-of-use, as a framework. Wow, I picked up Thesis 2 with the personified theme under the recommendation of a successful blogger.

I think the thing with the blogging about blogging niche is that most of the successful blogs are written for people who want to read about it rather than just do it and that annoys me. You need to have a mockup or model to really see the theme shine.

Genesis also offers Responsive design straight outta… the box. Pearsoified only wish this post was available before I purchased.

Thesis 2 Skins – Where are they?

Well, knowing thesis I do say you can do whatever with it but you need to know how. Although this pearsonifies unexpected, it certainly seemed like a positive potential outcome for the future of Thesis. So although the tone of the book feels like the blog post memoir of a year old geek, I do recommend it. How do I know, you ask?


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July 16, Updated: Sign up for email updates to get new skins and boxes for Thesis 2 New Thesis 2 skins and boxes are updated when launched… right here on ReesesThesis. I also went onto headway and tried out their demo. Thank you for purchasing Headway through my affiliate link. Paradoxical, since it was vaporware for years. I am an technical noob pearsonifid do not know what is CSS and other things and i wanted to build my first site as i saw on the internet. Obviously, if the trademarks were to be cancelled, I would no longer have a thseis on the thesis.

I think it may just as well be due to browser interactions. Genesis is always solid.

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